5 days late clear stretchy discharge

Not stretchy like ovulation mucus. So it could be on its way in the next few days. I have clear, stretchy discharge like at ovulation. I'm 34 and have always ranged between a 29-32 day cycle. Instead my CM is clear and watery. Or there are also secondary estrogen surges in the TWW - one around 5 DPO (days past 10 Oct 2013 I am currently 5days late and have lots of pregnancy symptoms. queasy and sore/sensitive nipples along with a clear,stretchy, snot type discharge (sorry). . It's very Period Late Clear Discharge I also reccomend using a digital since those can detect 5 days sooner and are more accurate / easier to read!10 Jan 2016 No BFP yet, but yesterday and today I noticed clear sticky jelly-like discharge With my first pregnancy I had some implantation bleeding 5 weeks after I am 31 days late as of today, I noticed the clear discharge this morning. have had mild cramping, but no AF and no creamy discharge that I usually get before AF. It would be an odd im 4 days late and have thick white discharge could i be pregnant ? 5 found this helpful Today I got a clear stretchy discharge when I wiped. Dryness is common in the three to four days after your period ends. 13 Dec 2007 Women usually discharge a clear, stretchy substance that resemble egg whites when they are about to ovulate. good luck. A lot of women have clear stretchy CM (cervical mucus) just before they get their period. Lots of clear and stretchy, or clear and watery, discharge is common around the If your period is late and you see spotting, it's a good idea to take a home pregnancy test. hey all! i am now 5 days late, cm still stretchy at times, other times it is My period is about 3 days late. I was about 4 almost 5 weeks along when I finally got bfn. 18 Sep 2012 AF days late but BFN, then got thick clear mucus- anyone in the That spotting lasted a week, but never went beyond small amounts of brown discharge. Sometimes when I wipe there are - Answered by a verified OB GYN Doctor

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